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Redondo Beach Planning Commission Meeting, December 17th 2015

Redondo Beach Planning Commission Meeting, December 17th 2015

Redondo Beach Planning Commission Meeting, December 17th 2015


The Redondo Beach Planning commission meets to “review and file” two items: 1. RHNA numbers and Redondo’s growth profile. 2. Mixed-use zoning in Redondo Beach.

We can count this past Thursday as a huge win for Save the Riviera.  The Commission to talked about items, then took public comment. We were there, we spoke, our voices were heard. We the People!

Heard they were. RHNA numbers were thoroughly explained by Aaron jones. Misconceptions about the infamous RHNA numbers were blown wide open. Zoning issues regarding RHNA explained, then commission learned some information, and Mr. Jones took notes.

Then, it was onto Mixed-use. The real reason why we were there. You would have thought that the main event was the RHNA numbers, as it took 1.5 hours to get through that agenda item. Save The Riviera members all  had great speeches, with information that was informative, and educating to the Commission. We brought up rezoning the PCH corridor back to purely commercial, then rezone the Riviera village to Mixed-use. The commissioners responded with asking about possible overlays to the Riviera village and placing mixed-use there.
Another great technical speech about the “net” vs “gross” and the “spirit of the law”. But, the speech was not too technical, everyone seemed to have understood.

What we did was put pressure on Mr. Jones, the Commission and hopefully a good long-term push to change mixed-use.  All the Moratorium work that we performed back in September/October has paid off dramatically. We defiantly need to keep the pressure on, be at the next January meeting. The more we show up, the more we impact the changes. Hopefully in a year from now were all still be this active to make sure these long-term changes finally cut the head off of any legado super-structure type of mixed-use.

Save the Pancake House!

Thanks everyone for showing up and making change happen. People took notice. Hopefully, our general plan update ideas will take hold and not get drowned out by the upcoming Centercal debacle.