Save The Riviera The OFFICIAL Homepage of Redondo Beach and Torrance 90277 Hollywood Riviera

About Save The Riviera

We are an organization dedicated to preserve the community of Hollywood Riviera, encompassing Redondo Beach and Torrance in a Zipcode of 90277.  #savetheriviera


What we see our community to be in the future.

Honoring the historic vision that those who planned our community 100 years ago, we see a sustainable community, balanced in it’s approach of walkability, livability and constant revitalization. Each property, individual on it’s own merits, but cumulatively showing the respect, honor and constant community integration that each individual property holds.

Mission Statement:

How we plan on accomplishing our vision.

Constant community contact gives us the ability to have deep roots with two way dialogue as to the direction. Steadfast in our core values, we provide feedback to our elected officials, City officials and community stakeholders.

Core Values:

Key points that drive us forward.

  1. Livability –transportation choices,
  2. Low density –Were not downtown or “the west side”
  3. Local jobs – Decrease driving
  4. Responsible Revitalization –Enhance economic competitiveness
  5. Safety –Giving the community the ability to stroll throughout the village
  6. Bikers and walkers –ensuring alternative access other than vehicles
  7. Child friendly –Family friendly
  8. Beach –Environmentally minded focus
  9. Community –Family, Neighbors, Friends
  10. Respect for History –Understanding why things are, and not just “tear-down and
  11. Sustainability –Smart growth, not rapid maximum growth