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Why the Redondo Beach City Council should DENY the Legado Project


Currently, Legado Companies has proposed a project that is 146 apartments, 23,800 sq ft of commercial, plus an existing non-conforming building that’s being used as a Hotel. All this, on a Jewel of a corner in South Redondo – which has some of the worst traffic problems around.

Our 15 failing points as to why you should Endorse Save The Riviera’s stance against this project:

1. Takes existing Green open space (lawns/trees) and replace entirely with concrete Open space.

2. Cut down large mature tress to make way for more asphalt, to better flow vehicle “traffic”.

3. Take out Center Median’s, which provide pedestrian refugees, buffer vehicles and opposing traffic from each other.

4. Residential density that is out of Character of the Community, more dense than Measure B.

5. Destroys a Hotel’s charm, to ensure a 0-star Hotel from what was a great Hotel built in 1960.

6. No Plans for the Hotel, a working jewel that has been tarnished by this land-owner and will not commit to plans for an upgraded 4-Star Hotel

7. Bulldoze existing historical structures, replace with a 3-story underground parking garage and 3-story buildings.

8. Traffic mitigation plans that promote vehicle traffic, which make pedestrian traffic and bike traffic unsafe.

9. Traffic mitigation doesn’t correctly analyze impact on surrounding intersections and larger community.

10. Current intersections need remediation NOW, before any development happen.

11. Current City Infrastructure can not handle increased load of: Traffic and Density.

12. Very little community benefit: Developer takes away huge profits from our community

13. Developer hasn’t worked enough with the community and will not provide enough funding for impact on School, Parks and City Services.

14. Virtually No local Business organizations support this Project or this Developer.

15. Virtually No community support

Please Endorse Save The Riviera with a statement that includes some of the points above.

Thank You!


Save The Riviera