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Donation and SUPPORT needed!!

Donation and SUPPORT needed!!

Donation and SUPPORT needed!!

HELP STOP Legado Redondo!

We need your financial support in stopping Legado Redondo development bulldozing our Community Character and turning us into the West-side. You can HELP by clicking the button below!

We need you to support us with financial donations! We have partnered with “Building a Better Redondo” (BBR) to help clear checks and get money to pay for the lawn signs, letters from lawyers and a traffic analysis. Were estimating the following costs:

  • Letter from lawyers
  • Traffic analysis from a professional firm/consultant
  • Lawn Signs
  • Flyers and outreach

The above items all cost money, we need your help. Please send us a donation, any check amount is greatly appreciated!

We are NO longer taking donations. THANKS for your support!!!
Make a notation on the bottom “Save the Riviera”
Please note: donations are -NOT- tax deductible. We will keep a full accounting and let everyone know how the monies are spent.
WE can not THANK YOU Enough!
WE also accept PAYPAL Donations, link here:

This Donation will go help fund lawyers to review our case, write letters of support, fund outreach (lawn signs/banners) and get professionals to support our cause.  The executive leaders at Save The Riviera have spent tens of thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to get this far, now we need your support.  Help Save The Rivera!