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Just Say “NO” to Mixed use!

Just Say “NO” to Mixed use!

Just Say “NO” to Mixed use!

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A brief summary:
• Mixed-Use discussion at the Planning Commission
• Ways you can voice your concern

As you know from our prior email, the Planning commission is meeting tonight night at 7:00pm. All the hard work from our team is paying off. The City Staff is busily making a presentation to file away that states how successful mixed-use is in Redondo Beach. Here’s a quote “The overall design of an earlier higher density project was superior to the final project.”. Here, they are writing about 1800 PCH, another failed mixed-use project along PCH in South Redondo.
This is our time to make a statement about mixed-use in Redondo Beach, specifically the Hollywood Riviera. Go 90277! Mixed-use requires a high density community, with proper public transportation. Think “downtown core”. “Otherwise known as the Central Business District (CBD). We have that already, and it’s called “The Riviera Village”.

City Staff wants to change that, here is a quote directly from their report:
“Taking advantage of this, this area was designated for mixed use (“MU-3″) to make this location into a focal point of activity within South Redondo. Special attention will be given to encourage the type of design and uses that will make the area distinctive in terms of both appearance and activity.”

This focal point already exists, where we already have horizontal mixed-use. Again, this area is called “The Riviera Village”. For this, The City staff again has a answer and a quote:
“The Avenue I district was added later to provide incentive to extend the Village Character
outward from the central business district and to provide for a better transition from higher
intensity commercial to the lower intensity R-3 neighborhood”

They admit that “the village” has a great Character, and want to extend that character. Except, they want to create a “new” character, right down the street. Vertical Mixed-use belongs in the Riviera Village, where Hennessy’s, Sophie’s, Zazou and Trader Joe’s all already exist. Why not re-zone these areas mixed-use where they properly belong? PCH from Palos Verdes Blvd eastward towards Torrance on the Redondo Side is all zoned and slated to become high density mixed-use. Save The Pancake House!

The false pretense with the above zoning is that this idea is only halfway thought through. The exact opposite side of PCH, which is Torrance, is all residential. Torrance has no plans to change this. The idea is a farce that this area will become a successful mixed-use corridor. The area is a transportation corridor.

The image see here on the right is what The City Staff wants the entire PCH corridor to become, from Palos Verde’s to Torrance. A long wall of building, residential, commercial and huge increase in traffic. This building is the infamous mixed-use disastrous project that even

Redondo Beach zoning mixed use

Redondo Beach zoning mixed use

the City Staff admit was a failure. This was built along Artesia Blvd, a major transportation corridor, but not a “Downtown core” as it should have been.

Two more reasons why City Staff wants all this dense mixed-use thinking? They provide the answers:

1. “To encourage revitalization of blighted and underperforming sites.”
2. “To protect established low density neighborhoods from up zoning that may
otherwise be required to provide adequate housing capacity pursuant to State
housing laws;”

We didn’t know that Handel’s, the Corner Bakery, Cozy Cafe and CVS were “under-performing”. They seem to be doing quite well by our standards. Secondly, it’s these exact “low density” neighborhoods that are fighting against these massive high density projects. There’s is no state law requiring low density neighborhoods to be torn down and re-zoned with high-density housing.

It’s time for you to act now! SPEAK UP! Just say NO!

Below is the contact for the planning commission. Email the planning commission and say NO to mixed use. Re-zone properly, back to commercial. Here are some key points to use in your emails:
• There are no TOD’s, “transit Oriented Zones” near these developments
• There are no Links to Transit and Bicycle Facilities
• Too much density, residential development overwhelms the development
• Improper infrastructure. A single or multiple high-density projects will overburden the water and sewer system and parks and roads serving the area.
• School system is already overburdened.


Send and e-mail to the Planning commission with your thoughts regarding high density mixed-use. Get your points into the commission at

Speak for three minutes. This is the most powerful way to translate your thoughts directly to the City. And, it’s more fun than serving on Jury Duty! The Commission meets at 7:00pm, City Hall which is: 415 Diamond Street Redondo Beach, CA. 90277

Please contact Save the Riviera at or Nils Nehrenheim at:


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