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Legado Project in Redondo Beach

Legado Project in Redondo Beach

Legado Project in Redondo Beach

What is Legado?

Legado is a company proposing a 146 apartment unit project, with 23,800 sq ft of commercial, in addition to a Hotel that currently sits on the site. Essentially, they want to almost TRIPLE the amount of development that currently sits on the land. The site is on the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Palos Verdes Blvd.  This is the old “Bristol Farms” location, and the current “PV Hotel”.legado-satellitelegado-map

Formerly, this site was an nightclub (Club Capri, among one…), Chez Melange ( a fantastic restaurant that has since moved away) and the old Plush Horse Inn. Many memories were made on this property, all except the Hotel will be bulldozed and replaced. The commercial aspect of the property will be torn down and replaced with multiple 3-story buildings that will compose of studio style, one and two bedrooms apartments.

Legado bought the property in 2006, since then Bristol Farms has left (2010), Chez Melange left, multiple small business have left and the Hotel itself has suffered a debilitating fire which has closed the Hotel since mid-June 2015. The property is in complete dis-repair and is needs work, needs a total refurbishment.  No upgrades have been done on the property since 2006, when the owner bought the property.

There are many things that this developer wants to do, to “mitigate” the affects of this massive development.  The developer wants to takes out the center median on PCH, and subsequently the trees on the center median. Legado also wants to take out the center medians on PV Blvd, for access to their project. This is all to accommodate the massive amount of traffic that this project will produce.

Part of their land will be give up to accommodate for a new right hand-turn lane on PCH. PCH will become a six-lane highway, dedicated to flowing as many cars as possible through this intersection.  This intersection is already rated a “D” by the traffic standards from Redondo Beach. They expect to raise the amount-of cars by 10%, but expect to have a better intersection

Legado wants to build 146 apartments units on the western portion of this property (not the Hotel area, which they plan on keeping). The math works out to be 46 apartments per acre, but City Zoning only allows 35 apartments per acre. The claim is that this is in keeping with the apartment unit on Avenue G, which were built to higher density levels. On Avenue G, parking is a mess, with required parking permits for the residents.

Residents are outraged and concerned.  Support Save the Riviera, to keep this project to the maximum sustainable development size.