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City Council JUNE 14th

This is a call to action, please mark your calendars for JUNE 14th 6:00pm. Legado returns, to bring their traffic, density and side kick: bulldozers!


Legado is still proposing up to 146 apartment units. This is simply too much!
The current plan does not address traffic issue at the corner of PV blvd and PCH properly. Additionally,. the intersection of Avenue G and PV Blvd is not properly mitigated for this project.
Community Character:
Three story buildings and a hotel that does not have any renovation plans does not represent the Community of Hollywood Riviera or South Redondo.
Save the Riviera supports the City of Redondo Beach in ensuring responsible re-development of the former Bristol Farms site at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Palos Verdes Drive. We want to see development of the site that is both reasonable and responsible. This includes minimizing traffic increases, providing adequate city services (fire, police) and reducing as much as possible the impact on city infrastructure and on the environment. To this end, we would agree to the following:

  1.  Mediterranean style design (as shown in Legado’s most recent submission of October 2015)
  2.  23,764 square feet of commercial (mix as shown in Legado’s most recent submission of October 2015)
  3.  88 residential units representing 80% of zoning limit for the 3.28 acres being developed for Mixed-Use (subtracting three units due to land dedication given to the city to widen roads)
  4.  Maximum of two-story structures throughout Mixed-Use Project
  5.  Existing medians and trees to stay in place for both safety and to respect the look and feel of the Village area
  6.  No above-ground parking structures
  7.  With respect to security and city services, Legado shall:
    a. Cover costs in perpetuity for an additional fire fighter
    b. Cover costs in perpetuity for an additional police officer
    c. Provide gated security for residential parking
  8. With respect to the environment and consistent with the goal of mixed-use to encourage walk-ability, Legado shall, in perpetuity, provide bus/metro passes for each Legado resident over the age of 16

City Council is at: 415 Diamond Street, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Redondo-Beach-City-Hall Legado April #savetheriviear #riviearvillage

Redondo-Beach-City-Hall Legado April #savetheriviera #rivieravillage

Let your neighbors know, get the word out!

Thank you each, thank you all!!

Save The Riviera!