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Letter to Editor: Easy Reader November 5th 2015

Letter to Editor: Easy Reader November 5th 2015

Letter to Editor: Easy Reader November 5th 2015


Dear ER:

Don’t fall for this propaganda from the city, builders and the chamber (“Mixed feelings on development in Redondo Beach,” ER 10/29/2015). They fooled the public into approving high density in Huntington Beach by lying that it was a “Commercial Revitalization” and started building 100-unit per acre buildings. The citizens rose up last November and kicked some council people to the curb and hired one that actually listens to the citizens. We amended high density and now SCAG and low income NGO’s are suing to get high density ramped up again. If you don’t want this in your town you have to fire the council people that are pushing it. A council that is responsive to the citizens is the last firewall you have.

Michael Hoskinson

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Late lesson

Dear ER:

How does a Redondo Beach City Council vote to approve the mixed use Sea Breeze Plaza on Pacific Coast Highway and then have serious discussions about imposing a moratorium on mixed use just weeks later? Councilwoman Laura Emdee spoke about “process” (isn’t a moratorium part of the process?). Proper planning comes before urgency. Urgency comes before crisis.

Everyone finally agrees that it is urgent to revamp the 23-year-old General Plan. Schools are overcrowded, traffic is horrific and we’re scraping one beachside cottage after another and replacing them with two-on-a-lots. Redondo Beach is in a jobs crisis, not a housing crisis. Our housing is growing at a faster pace than any city in the South Bay and throughout LA County.  Yet, we’ve lost more jobs than any city in the South Bay. Perhaps the Redondo Chamber of Commerce should concentrate on creating jobs, instead of defending budget-draining residential development. #SavetheRiviera!

Nils Nehreheim

Redondo Beach


Respect the deadline and people

Dear ER:

During the October 20 Redondo Beach council meeting, community development director Aaron Jones alluded to the notion that the Legado team would not be ready to present a scaled version of their project to the Redondo Planning Commission as requested by that body. Enough is enough. November 19 was a date all parties agreed upon. For the Legado team, community development staff and planning commission chair to deviate from that date would be an outrage to the residents who have been overly respectful and accommodating these many months. Again as requested by the Planning Commission, a group of Redondo Beach voters from Save The Riviera have met with the Legado team and have given input into the direction the developer and the project need to go. This November hearing date must be kept and an up or down vote must be given at that time to move the outcome of this project forward. Save The Riviera will hold these officials, city staff and the developer to their word. Mayor Steve Aspel, please don’t let all the goodwill evaporate from this process. Respect is a two way street and the ball is in your court.

Bruce Szeles