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Like Minded Organizations

Organizations and People who are Like Minded

We have so much support in Redondo Beach for Responsible Development.  Here are just a few links to organization that have more information to help you make your decisions.

Right Size Redondo -R4

Redondo Residents for Responsible Revitalization.  This is the Group that fought AES and the City of Redondo Beach against Measure B. With $16,000 collected from the community, they struck down a ballot campaign that spent over $1,100,000 (that’s $1.1 Million)

Candace Nafissi for Council 2019

Candace Nafissi, running for Redondo Beach Council District 3. Great Candidate, awesome choice in 2019. Go Candace!

Keep King Harbor A Harbor

Residents for revitalizing our waterfront with balanced development. Our motto: Revitalize – not Supersize.


No Power Plant

South Bay residents supporting the retirement of the AES-Redondo power plant and the betterment of our city. Please get active and help us make history on our waterfront!


South Bay Parkland Conservancy
South Bay Parkland Conservancy is dedicated to the restoration, preservation and public use of coastal land resources in the South Bay Region.


Redondo RAD

RAD was formed by Redondo Beach residents to work collaboratively with others to achieve a waterfront development that enhances the quality of life for all