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Redondo Beach Riviera Outdoor Dining Deck Improvement Project

Redondo Beach Riviera Outdoor Dining Deck Improvement Project

Because The Elected Officials in the City of Redondo Beach Won’t do it,


here it is….

Here are the answers to people’s questions. Voted on by your City Council, September 15th, 2015.

Concern #1, Cost:

The dining decks cost anywhere from $5-8,000.

Concern #2, loss of parking:

“Parking temporarily lost to the installations could be replaced by re-striping the additional stalls nearby.” So, we’ll make the existing parking stalls smaller. For those smaller vehicles that we are going to drive, suddenly.


Concern #3, Who chose Where and Why?

There were two locations: #1: Outside of Redondo Beach Brewco & Zazoo, #2 location, “due to the willingness of the Business Owner….” outside of Rebel Public.  AS the reason in the staff report for location #1: “presence of an existing raised landscape planter
that would provide protection from vehicles. The second location has been suggested
due to the willingness of the business owner to fund and construct the improvements.”

Concern #4: Will alcoholic beverages be allowed to be served on Public Property?

No, that would require “modification to their Alcoholic Beverage
Permit (ABC Permit) would be required.” City does not deal with that….

Concern #5: What was the time-frame on this?

“Staff anticipates that this process will take 1- 2 months and has already
received a preliminary commitment from one business owner. It is reasonable to expect
that the pilot project could be underway by the early spring and completed prior to July

Which means this whole charade was pre-planned and well thought out…

Concern #6: How long will the dining deck be around?

Permit’s are filed under the “Temporary Encroachment Permit”. So go find that for yourself, as our elected officials say..

Video to come at a later date…..

Concern #7: Who voted on it?

The item was on the “Consent Calendar”, meaning unless a member of the public came down and knew about it, or Council was briefed, there was no debate. Summarily approved, with many other items. A great way to just “sweep under the rug” with other items.